Kraft Packaging

Go Green With Eco-friendly Packaging

Verdance Packaging is significantly experienced in offering Kraft packaging made of brown Kraft paper. The material used for these boxes is brown and specially used for labeling. Chemical pulp is produced with the Kraft process to make paper. They are beneficial because products can be easily protected and kept intact within Kraft boxes. Kraft packaging helps prevent products from external damage. It is the best option to provide amazing branding and advertising benefits. Kraft is perfect for having custom printed boxes as you can get any type of design printed for your personalized packaging. Verdance Packaging is offering bespoke printing services so that you can achieve your marketing goals through alluringly designed printed kraft packaging boxes. Many options are offered for design in numerous styles, sizes, and dimensions.

Cardboard Packaging

Complete Packaging Solution For Dry and Light Weighted Products

Verdance Packaging offers cardboard packaging that strengthens packaging standards. Cardboard boxes are prefabricated boxes. We are providing sustainable and flexible cardboard packaging. The main elements used in cardboard paper are sodium and potassium. We provide cardboard boxes with outstanding material, which is used to predict customers' packaging needs. It has high flexibility and is suitable for lightweight and dry products, but you may use cardboard boxes for the packaging of massive or small items. Cardboard packaging provides extra safety for products during shipment. We provide custom cardboard boxes to provide you with bespoke packaging solutions, so you can have them according to your desired printing themes, shapes, sizes, and die-cutting options.

Corrugated Packaging

Strong and Sturdy Packaging With Maximum Protection

Verdance Packaging offers corrugated packaging to provide maximum protection and sustainability. It is generally just a thicker piece of paper. Corrugated material consists of an inside liner as well as an outside liner. Corrugated is made of cardboard materials. Its structure and design are more reliable than any other packaging stock. A corrugated box is used for all kinds of things, from transferring information to product presentation. Typically, it has three layers. This packaging type is reusable and highly customizable. Corrugated packaging is a renewable resource. This packaging possesses boundless durability. We are offering a broad choice of packaging styles and materials. Our corrugated boxes are great for storing and stacking.

Bux Board Packaging

Bux Board Packaging – An Innovative Packaging Solution

If you are looking for premium quality Bux Board Packaging that is durable and long-lasting, Verdance Packaging is here to provide you with the best quality Bux Board packaging. The paper material used for manufacturing is sustainable and versatile. You can cut and mold it into any desired shape or size. Boxes are customized according to the customer’s preferences. Bux Board Boxes are suitable for handling household items. Our packaging is multifunctional and increases brand awareness. Buxboard packaging is suitable for all types of customization and personalization options and solutions. Buxboard boxes are used to protect your luxury items from damage. We are offering efficient packaging solutions. We are using branding themes to attract more customers.

Foil Sealed Bags

Affordable & Long-Term Packaging Solutions

Verdance Packaging uses convenient packaging for foil sealed bags. Durable material is used to make these mylar bags a more attractive packaging solution. Foil paper is used for foil packaging bags because it is affordable and long-lasting. You can use it in roasting, baking, cooking, and food storage. These custom packaging bags are less expensive compared to other mainstream packaging materials. Our manufactured Mylar bags are made to protect your products from intense heat, cold, moisture, oxygen gas, and water. We are producing high-barrier and durable product packaging. Foil sealed Mylar bags present a long shelf life for customers' products. It protects your products from extravagant temperatures. We are offering a famous labeling and packaging method that provides a versatile and easy-to-use solution.

Custom Packaging

Bespoke Packaging Service for Your Business Product

Verdance Packaging is producing elegant and stylish custom packaging boxes. Sustainable material is used to make your personalized boxes. We are using materials according to our client’s demand. Custom packaging is swift and easy with us. Custom packaged boxes are created to best fit the customer’s needs. Verdance Packaging deals in Kraft, Cardboard, Corrugated, Bux Board, and foil sealed bags to fulfill your packaging needs. It provides the simplest way to customize your packaging and box printing according to product requirements. Now you can have your bespoke packaging according to your descriptions; you can add a window to your box; you can add your logo, and you can have promotional text printed on boxes for your products. In simple terms, you can get any type of packaging box in any shape, size, design, style, and color in your desired printing themes on any packaging stock. As you believe, you can obtain the best custom printing services.

Pharma Packaging

Rising Trends Of Pharma Packaging In The Market

Pharma packaging is an exclusive and creative way to present your pharmaceutical brand. During manufacturing, Kraft stock and cardboard materials are used. In some situations, corrugated stock is also used. You can get custom pharma boxes designed beautifully in different sizes and shapes from Verdance Packaging. These boxes are strong, and flexible, and keep your pharmaceutical products secured. To make pharmaceutical packaging unique, different designs and color schemes are applied to attract visitors to your brand. We at Verdance Packaging are providing reliable solutions to attract customers and showcase your pharmaceutical products. Encompassing solutions are provided for different custom printed boxes. Innovative box printing is facilitated by remarkable design printing.